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miércoles, 11 de octubre de 2017

Make up Haul (English)

Hi, everybody! What's up? It's a haul. For this reason, it's time to see what I've bought.

First, I needed a  make up foundation. Due to my oily skin ( summer time), I chose anti-blemish solution by Clinique. It's a powder foundation. It has medium to high coverage. You can use as a powder or like a foundation. It has compact packaging . It's easy to wear everywhere. It comes with a mirrow inside and a sponge.  It costs about 30€. I'm sure I'll buy again.

Second, I would like to test major volume mascara by Marc Jacobs. This is why  I bought a sample.  That mascara gives me a lot of volume. But it isn't waterproof. It costs 28€. So, I won't buy.

Then, I 've seen some positive reviews or feedback about tattoo liner by Kat Von D. I 've to buy a sample. It's an eye liquid liner. You can do small lines. It's waterproof. You can wear it everyday. Her price is 25€. Maybe I 'd buy it.

Finally, I'm interesting about lipsticks. So, I've to test new color fix by Deliplus (Mercadona, Spain). I've been buying all the shades. His price is 3,5€ every item. It lasts me 6 or 8 hours.  My favourites are: violet , fucsia and nude.

Have you tried something? I hope you enjoy.
See you soon!



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